You Actually Like Sleeping On the Ground?

Well, I went camping. Yes, this diva slept on the ground and ate food cooked on a camp fire for 2 days at China Creek Campground in Port Alberni. A place I’ve never been doing an activity I’ve never done. What can go wrong?

It’s not a secret that I don’t like camping. I’m a bit of a diva, okay, maybe more that a bit of a diva. When kids my age were learning how to fish and hunt, I was learning how to order my favourite Starbucks drink. I bypassed playing on the monkey bars for reading a novel in the shade. Just last year I was teased for wearing mascara while swimming in the Nymph Falls bowls. In my defence, it was waterproof mascara.

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Safe is a Four Letter Word

Today I was asked what safety looked like for me and what it felt like. As a super visual and creative person, it’s one of the first time that I’ve been speechless. I couldn’t come up with a single idea

My head and heart are reeling. I’m 4 days into a 21 day raw vegan food and juice cleanse through this super awesome local Courtenay company called Rawthentic and one of the bonus pieces is emotional counselling to bring my physical body back into integration and flow.

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Stepping on the Gas Pedal

It’s time to free yourself from labels and boxes and live your life out loud – to follow your deepest dreams & desires. It’s YOUR time to Bravely Walk Forward.

Recently, I took a pause to get my new house together and catch my breath after such a huge, stressful and exciting few months and I needed it. I needed to slow down and gather my thoughts and open myself up to the energy of the Island and figure out who I am here.

The truth is, a lot has changed. I’ve shifted and really come into my own here. I’m lighter, happier and have taken the space to realize how far I’ve come and focused in on the wisdom and life lessons that comes with that. I even took a stepped back to celebrate all that I’ve accomplished so far (something that has been uncomfortable for me to do in the past) and I have to tell you, it feels great.

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20 Reasons I Love Cumberland BC

You would think that moving from a city of over a million people to a village would be a giant challenge, but it wasn’t at all. In fact, it was a refreshing, lovely community to call home

When I moved from Edmonton to Vancouver Island in March, 2017, our first home was in Cumberland, BC.  I needed a place for my two young daughters and I to live while I found either a long-term rental or a house to buy and my lovely friend Joanna Finch needed someone to rent her furnished home and look after her cat while she was in China recording and creating music.

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Crappy Day Wrapped In a Rainbow

Every have a super crappy day wrapped up in a rainbow? I have and it had to do with getting car insurance after moving from Alberta to BC.

Moving to BC has lots of moving parts. You have to get your car inspected (and approved) and then get your current registration, 2 pieces of primary ID, and the last 8 years of your car history report from your current insurance provider, then go to a broker to get your registration and insurance together, then surrender your plates and get new ones. Oh, and you have to do this within 30 days of moving here.

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Adventuring In Comox Valley – Week 2

It’s our second week in the Comox Valley and we’ve been doing lots of adventuring! Check out our reviews of Elk Falls, Cumberland Grind, Bibliotaco, and Dick’s.

I miss my own space and my stuff. I miss my old bed and the smell of my living room. I miss my electric fireplace and my art. I miss my coffee maker and bean grinder. I miss a lot of things right now but I’m also finding a new normal.

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