Am I Too Much For This World?

I can’t even begin to start counting the times I’ve felt too much for this world – too loud, too energetic, too broken, too dramatic, too proud.

I can’t even begin to start counting the times I’ve felt too much for this world.

  • Too loud
  • Too energetic
  • Too caring
  • Too broken
  • Too sensitive
  • Too big
  • Too ambitious
  • Too connected
  • Too empathetic
  • Too available
  • Too intrusive
  • Too bossy
  • Too dramatic
  • Too flighty
  • Too judgemental
  • Too proud
  • Too needy

This list could go on and on and on.

It occurred to me recently that I am all of these things – loud, energetic, caring, broken, sensitive, big, ambitious, connected, empathetic, available, intrusive, bossy, dramatic, judgemental, proud, and needy.

  • I’m loud because I know my thoughts matter and I deserve to be heard.
  • I’m energetic because I have gratitude and a sense of wonder and amazement in all that I do.
  • I’m caring because I choose to see the good in people and I truly want the best for everyone I meet.
  • I’m broken because life hasn’t always been easy for me. This allows me to feel see myself in people and help them in ways that only someone who’s gone through it can.
  • I’m sensitive because I’d rather be authentically myself and take risks with my heart and soul than become jaded and cold.
  • I’m big because I still carry a lot of pain with me and I deserve to be seen and take up space.
  • I’m ambitious because I’m building the life I dreamed of but never had. I’m building safety and security for myself and my daughters and it allows me give back to my community and support systems.
  • I’m connected to Spirit/Source/Energy because I believe in something bigger than myself and this helps me put things into context.
  • I’m empathetic because I see people as they truly are and I know how hard a path to self-awareness and self-love is.
  • I’m available because I’m not scared of being rejected or hurt. I know I’ll always be okay.
  • I’m intrusive because small talk bores me. I’m fascinated about what drives people and lights the passion in their soul. I like to know people deeply.
  • I’m bossy because not everyone wants to play the starring role. The world needs stage hands, costume designers, choreographers, stage designers, orchestras, choirs, and production people. I’m a great leader and I’m willing to step up when I’m asked and able.
  • I’m dramatic because I love telling stories and sharing. I live my life out loud.
  • I’m flighty because I follow my heart and I’m willing to make sacrifices to get what I want. I’m willing to change course and admit when I’ve taken a wrong path.
  • I’m judgemental because I hold myself to very high standards. It’s an internal compass of knowing quickly if something feels right and how much time and energy I am willing to put into connecting with someone.
  • I’m proud because I’ve come a long way and I’ve done a lot of amazing things. I own this about myself.
  • I’m needy because I believe we’re not supposed to do all of this alone. I know when to reach out and ask for help or support and when to offer it.

For me, self-love is taking a deep look at myself and being okay with all of it. This is simply who I am. I’m a flawed human being and that’s okay.

I am perfect as is.

I am flawbulous.

I am genuine.


Bravely Accepting Myself Forward


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