Date Jen Rollins

I’m new to Courtenay and the Comox Valley. I’ve tried online dating here but I didn’t find any romantic connections. Help me find an awesome guy.

My life is amazing. I have an incredible life with my two mermaids. I live in paradise – with the ocean, forest, lakes, and mountains surrounding me. I have a super cool purple house and a purple car (hmmm…I sense a theme here). I have wonderful talents and abilities that let me have the flexibility to really enjoy my life and make an impact in people’s lives. And I’m surrounded by the most amazing friends anyone could ask for.

Me and My Mermaids (5 and 9)

I’m happy and in a really great place. I’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and soul searching to get to this point and I’m enjoying it. My cup is overflowing with love and gratitude and I’m ready to share this with someone. A cherry on top of my the fabulous sundae of my life. Plus, let’s be honest, this damp cold is hella freezing and I’d like someone to snuggle under the the heated throw with and listen to records.

I’m new to Courtenay and the Comox Valley. I’ve tried online dating here, but i’ve found the same things happen regardless of the location – a ton of messages that say nothing more than “sup”, or a reference to my physical appearance, or simply asking me to come over. Mainly, it was a distraction and a social experiment but did little in making romantic connections.

Me in August, 2017

To me, everything is about a connection. Swiping left or right is about physical appearance, which is important in a relationship, but, for me, attraction without a connection falls flat. I’m sure I’m not the only person thinking this, so I’m bypassing the bullshit and doing this my own way.

Why Date Me? Well, Because I’m Awesome

  • I’m willing to wear a sparkly pink unicorn onesie to a 5 star restaurant because we only get one kick at life and it might as well be an interesting one.
  • I know where all of the good gluten free pizza and tacos are as I’m friends off with gluten. I will travel on a plane for good butter chicken.
  • I lose myself in music and take in as many festivals as I can. My car is a mobile dance party.
  • I’m a solo mom, which means that I don’t have the capacity to become a 5 star clinger and I always have the best snacks. Goldfish – check, Bear Paws – check, applesauce – check, yogurt tubes – check, BabyBel Cheese – check.
  • I make a bombass latte. If you’re really nice, I’ll make you one. 
  • I live a life of gratitude and shower my friends and loved ones with encouragement and support.
  • I don’t get insulted anymore when Netflix ask if I’m still watching.
  • I’m open-minded and non-judgemental, which makes me a safe place to get deep and really talk about what’s going on. No topic is out of bounds either. You want to talk string theory, the science behind the mind/body/soul connection, or how to change the world at midnight, I’m in. I’m SO in. I like my theories on life to be challenged and strengthened through healthy debate.
  • I can read your tarot and oracle cards and even talk to your spirit guides
  • I’ve been told I’m hilarious and fun to be around. I’m sure my friends would support this statement.

Why Date You? Well, Because You’re Equally Awesome

  • You enjoy having deep conversations and like some spontaneity in your life.
  • You have kids or have always wanted kids.
  • You’re 35 or over. I make a lot of pop culture references and it’s better if you understand things like Hypercolour t-shirts, You Can’t Do That on Television, putting a Black Sabbath tape into Teddy Ruxpin, and talking on a phone with a cord that you wrapped around your finger.
  • You can’t stand Trump but will stand beside women for equal rights and opportunities.
  • You live a life of gratitude and kindness to others.
  • You like being out and about but also enjoy staying in.
  • You love animals (I have a kitten named Popcorn and a rescue dog named Athena).
  • You’re open-minded, especially around spirituality.
  • You’re in a great spot in your life, are emotionally available, and are looking for something real.

If this sounds like you (or someone you know), contact me by emailmessage me on Facebook or on Instagram, I’ve tried the other ways to meet a fantastic guy, hopefully my friends and readers can help me this time around. My heart is open and I’m excited to see what happens. I’ll keep you all in the loop.

Look how cute my kitten is!


Bravely Loving Forward



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      1. We just moved to Ucluelet. If you’re ever this side of the island, drop me a line. It’d be nice to see you.


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