Stepping on the Gas Pedal

It’s time to free yourself from labels and boxes and live your life out loud – to follow your deepest dreams & desires. It’s YOUR time to Bravely Walk Forward.

Recently, I took a pause to get my new house together and catch my breath after such a huge, stressful and exciting few months and I needed it. I needed to slow down and gather my thoughts and open myself up to the energy of the Island and figure out who I am here.

The truth is, a lot has changed. I’ve shifted and really come into my own here. I’m lighter, happier and have taken the space to realize how far I’ve come and focused in on the wisdom and life lessons that comes with that. I even took a stepped back to celebrate all that I’ve accomplished so far (something that has been uncomfortable for me to do in the past) and I have to tell you, it feels great.

The energy on the Island is slower, calmer, and demands to be felt through nature and I’ve been matching this. Instead of working 10+ hours a day, I’ve been waking up early and working 5-6 hours before my girls go stir crazy and we head to a park or the beach for the afternoon. When we’re out and about, my phone is down and I’m no longer stressing about clients, money, or things coming together. I have faith that I’m here for a reason and I’ve been moving towards that from an open heart space.

Last night, I was meditating on what my next step was and it came to me that I need to share the wisdom and life lessons that I’ve gathered from my move and other times in my life when I’ve had to make huge jumps. That I’m here to help others Bravely Walk Forward to a place of soul level happiness.

It’s YOUR time to Bravely Walk Forward – The BWF Collective 

BWF Collective July 2017

I’ve created a program to help others open themselves up to their deepest dreams and desires, learn how to tune in and really listen to their intuition and gut, move through their fears and doubts, and make plans to Bravely Walk Forward.

It includes:

  • A 14 day (10 business day) intensive program starting on August 1st, 2017.
  • A private Facebook group for support and sharing information
  • Unlimited FB Messenger or text support from Jen
  • Daily Facebook Live chats that will cover:
    • Empowering  your sparkle self
    • Becoming the hero of your own story
    • Listening to your intuition and instincts
    • Uncovering your hidden dreams and true path(s)
    • Reframing blockages, fears, and patterns into gifts and insights
    • Creating a plan for walking forward in your full power
    • Spirit guided group readings and channeled messages

Check out further details and costs here 

Just like anything new, I’m excited to get started and also a little anxious. Facilitating group programs will allow me to share, guide, and help others make huge changes in their life on a much larger level than I’ve done before. This is my calling, my jam, my path.

It’s a damn good time to integrate my skills and abilities into my new life and ease into the lovely energy here. Lean in and trust.

Fully Integrating Forward



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