The Art of Building Yourself Back Up

I left Edmonton with 16 Rubbermaid containers and 4 months later, I have a full furnished home on Vancouver Island. Crazy, right?

I left Edmonton with 16 rubbermaid containers, a suitcase, and two kids bicycles.


Looking back, I can hardly believe I managed to donate, give away, and sell everything in my 4 bedroom house within 7 weeks. It was one hell of a giant purge and I’ll be the first to admit that I spent hours upon hours crying and releasing as things moved onto their new homes.

I didn’t think I had a huge attachment to my things, it’s just stuff after all, but I had spent years and years collecting and caring for these things. Each piece had a memory attached and I had to grieve through a lot of it. There were receiving blankets that I wrapped my wee babies in like little burritos. There were books that brought me to other places and helped me escape when I needed it. There were CDs that shaped my youth, initiated a lot of dance parties, and were the background to so many amazing nights.

Picking and choosing what I would bring on my new journey, especially since I had limited space, made me pause and take only the things that brought me great joy and couldn’t be replaced. As I let go of everything else, I trusted that what I gave away would come back to me when I found my permanent home. Oh, and it sure did!

Many wonderful people here gave me their extra towels, sheets, bedding, dishes, storage pieces, pans, hangers, toys for the girls, and even a convention oven. I found the perfect couch for $150 on a buy/sell/trade site that ended up being 3 blocks away and I started using a 24 hour bidding page on Facebook where I was able to get a lot of really cool things for way less money than new. On top of all of this, a furniture store here was having a huge 50-70% off sale where I got so many gorgeous pieces and I was drawn to two fabulous antique pieces that are perfect in the house (and once again, on sale).

By the time we moved into Matilda, I had put together an entire home again. All while trying my best to visualize where things would go and if they would fit. There were some snags in the way – I bought a fabulous cabinet bed that wouldn’t fit up the stairs so I had to sell it, but I made a friend in the process so it ended up better than I had imagined and the hutch I bought for the kitchen wouldn’t fit so now it’s a vanity in my bedroom. I went with the flow and things worked out as they should.

I need to get a few more pieces to complete the house, but I am so damn happy with how everything turned out. Each room is a reflection of love and happiness. There is sunshine busting through each window in an effort to keep our house light, blissful, and open. It’s our perfect island home.

Pictures of Matilda 

I love our living room. It roomy, clear of clutter and feels inviting, even with antique furniture.


The gold couch, coffee table, and TV stand was included in the sale of the house and I added the white one for $150 from a buy/sell/trade site. The speakers ($30) and TV ($70) were from the 24 hour bidding site. The Route 66 sign was part of the furniture sale at AnMarcos. The Vancouver Island Home sign was a gift from our realtor.


One of the things I wanted the most was an office space so I could change my mindset from home to work. Also serves as barrier from the girls bothering me as they know I’m working. My lovely friend Colette helped me visualize having this office section in my living room space and there’s no way I could like it more.


The kitchen needs paint and some touch ups but I really enjoy the sunshine and warm feelings in this space. Most of the pieces in the room came from the buy/sell and bidding sites including the kick ass $30 espresso maker that’s saving me $7 a day.


My bedroom fills me with so much joy even though the hutch became an unexpected, yet amazing vanity.  The bed frame came from a local, handmade furnishing company that’s going out of business. The vanity was from the furniture sale. The super cool hanging lamp was from the buy/sell/trade ($15!). The other hutch, yes, and really like hutches, was from a local antique store.


The bathroom is beyond perfect. Big iron bathtub and a new shower that doesn’t force you to go into weird poses to shave your legs. Win! The butterfly chimes are from WTF in Parksville, the drawers were from the furniture sale, and the bath wine holder was from my realtor.


My favourite spot in the house is the back yard. It’s my own little oasis that makes you feel like you’re more in the country than city. The awesome table was a hand me down from a kind woman who was moving to Vancouver.


Matilda’s upstairs has 2 bedrooms, storage spaces, and the only closet in the house (I literally can’t put skeletons in my closets here). It’s a work in progress, especially with the littles making giant messes every day, but it’s their space. Not photo ready yet, but they did get bunk beds that they’re really, really excited about.


We sincerely love Matilda and are content, safe, and thriving here. It’s a place of laughter, fun, and dance parties. I have some awesome upgrades that I’ll be doing and promise to keep you all on the loop.

From a house of stuff to 16 Rubbermaid containers to a fully furnished home full of carefully chosen pieces, it’s hard to believe it’s only been 4 months.

Happily Living Forward


**None of this is sponsored content. I just really love these companies and want to give them a shout out with links**


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