20 Reasons I Love Cumberland BC

You would think that moving from a city of over a million people to a village would be a giant challenge, but it wasn’t at all. In fact, it was a refreshing, lovely community to call home

When I moved from Edmonton to Vancouver Island in March, 2017, our first home was in Cumberland, BC.  I needed a place for my two young daughters and I to live while I found either a long-term rental or a house to buy and my lovely friend Joanna Finch needed someone to rent her furnished home and look after her cat while she was in China recording and creating music.

While living in Joanna’s home, the girls and I completely fell in love with the village of Cumberland, BC. You would think that moving from a city of over a million people to a village of 3,400 would be a giant challenge, but it wasn’t at all. In fact, it was a refreshing, lovely community to call home. Here’s why…

Jen’s “Reasons I Love Cumberland, British Columbia” List*:

*100% not sponsored. I legit love all of this places and people. Not in any particular order*

Being walking distance from tacos, pizza, groceries, post office, chocolate, bookstore, liquor store, and coffee. Seriously so amazing.

Volunteering for The Cumberland Forest Society. One of my absolute favourite parts of being part of Cumberland was being a volunteer for the Village Trivia night and the Cumberland Home and Garden Show…so far. Not only did I get to work (and become friends) with the lovely and talented Meaghan Cursons, I watched the community come together for a common goal and it continuously gets me excited to be a part of it.


BBQ, cider, and laughter at Neil’s house. So many amazing memories while I met kind strangers who became friends.

Market Days and the Cumberland Parade. May long weekend is the best time to be in Cumberland. From a big outside market to a large parade that’s fun for the whole family and lots of fun at Village Park.


The waterfall by the Comox Lake campground. What a breathtaking area to go on a stroll and connect to nature!


The 75km of biking and hiking trails right in Cumberland. They’re a wonderful way to get some exercise and get lost in your thoughts. There’s even an app where you can see where you are in the trails so you don’t literally get lost. I may have had to use this a couple of times. What can I say? I like to take the road less traveled.


Cumberland Crate Company not only can you pick up a crate for your records, your kids can pick up terrible/awesome jokes from Roderick like – “What do you say to a naked man? PUT ON YOUR CLOTHES!” Azalee can’t stop telling this one over and over and over and over again.

Laurel’s amazing photography and huge heart. I also watched her get on a paddle board on a full moon night while wearing a pair of jeans. Seriously, she’s my new fitness muse. I’m getting back into yoga so I can attempt this next year!


Speaking of Laurel, she took me to the amazing Cumberland Potholes (the waterfalls, not the actual road potholes, which there are a lot of) and we spent a morning sitting on the rocks with our feet in the flowing water. Pure bliss.


Cindy Foly at Virgin Hair. Not only is she my hairdresser, she’s also a volunteer for the Forest Society, a stunningly beautiful woman, and a friend.


The supper yummy beef tacos at Bibliotaco. Even my friend Julie loved them and she’s from Austin, Texas, which has taco, tequila, and queso at every corner. Plus, Biblio handled a social media review nightmare like a boss.

The Cumberlander Pagan Pizza at Riders. The gluten-free crust is made from potatoes and polenta so it tastes like the most amazing pizza hash brown, especially the next day when the flavours have all mingled together and you can toast up the hash brown crust. It’s the pizza dreams are made of.

The Village Park spray park and playground where the girls and I spent many, many hours having fun and chasing rainbows.


The family of deer that hang out by the main street detour. We saw them about 3 times a week and were stoked every.single.time. Even after 4 months, I still feel blessed seeing them all around.

Nora’s smile and energy at Rare Bird Bookshop. Not only did Nora give Tenesea her very own succulent plant, I found the perfect Prince colouring book for my friend Trina in Edmonton.


The smell of the donuts at the Cumberland Village Bakery. Being celiac means that I couldn’t actually taste the donuts but my daughters say they are “THE BEST EVER” and the smell delicious, so they’re going on my list.

The 24 ounce Tumeric Latte at The Cumberland Grind. Yep, you read that right, 24 fabulous ounces.

The yummy local produce at Seeds and my favourite staff member, Paloma who has the most amazing aura and crystal jewelry

The live shows at The Waverly plus their crazy yummy gluten-free food. No kids are allowed at any time so it was a treat to go in and have a bite to eat. I’ve already seen Tanya Tagaq and WiL there so far.

The gluten-free brownies at The Wandering Moose. It’s the perfect place to go and work on your laptop, drink a Matcha latte, eat great food, and not have to worry about the kids for a little while as they pay in the kid’s section.

The home made ice cream bars at Dark Chocolate. Oh, and if they have their lavender chocolate out, make sure you grab some.

Okay, so that’s 21 reasons…

I’m a little sad that there wasn’t real estate in Cumberland in my budget when I was buying, but Cumberland is only 8 kilometers away from Matilda (my new house)We’ve already been back 4 times in the past week, so you’ll continue to see us…if you like it or not. Go visit Cumberland. You won’t be dissapointed.

Bravely Exploring Forward



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