I Bought a House in Courtenay

Check out the amazing house I bought in Courtenay, BC on Vancouver Island. It is so perfect for me and my daughters. It’s even PURPLE!

I bought a house today. Well, the conditions of the sale came off today. HAPPY DAY!

I know people buy and sell houses every day but this purchase is way more than just a place to live. To me, this is real freedom.

I owned a house in Edmonton that I bought with my ex-husband. I stayed in it after our marriage ended and to be completely honest, it took me time to find my footing as a single parent with a one-year-old and a 4-year-old, plus my full-time career, pets, friends and the house suffered. Things like mowing the lawn took a back burner. At times I felt like that house was more of a burden and constant reminder of my failed marriage and negative memories. I did my best and lightened the space, but it never really felt like it was my own.

I tried to sell the house in early 2016 and figured I would downsize and buy a duplex in Edmonton. After 20+ showings and only one really low offer, my intuition told me to take it off the market and I listened.

2016 was a breakthrough year for me. I started my own business in April and realized I could work anywhere in the world. This lead to my deep hearted reminder that I’ve always felt home in nature and the beauty of BC and I started dreaming. In December 2016, I set foot back on the Island after being here only once before and knew right away that it was the perfect place for me and the girls.

I made a plan and put the house up for sale again in January 2017 and days later, it sold. As a new entrepreneur, a new mortgage was declined by 2 different mortgage brokers and that left me with the only option of renting. Thankfully, I found a furnished home in Cumberland where I could stay for 4 months while the owner was in China. This would give me the time to get approved for a mortgage or find a long-term rental.

Let’s line this up:
– When I wanted to stay in Edmonton, the house didn’t sell.
– When I wanted to move to BC, the house sold with days.
– Declined a mortgage
– Found a furnished rental in Cumberland with weeks of putting up my first Bravely Walk Forward post.
– Find a school in Courtenay for Tenesea. This was no easy task as there are more school age kids than teachers and space here.

A few weeks ago, I was helping my amazing friend Colette figure out her website and online business at Mudsharks when her friend Beata came in and we got introduced. Beata said she was a mortgage broker and my ears perked up. I got her card and booked an appointment.

While sitting in Beata’s office days later, she told me with full confidence that she would get me a mortgage and to go ahead and write an offer if I saw something I loved. Minutes later, while still in her office chair, I saw this amazing purple house come up on my realtor’s listings and booked a viewing for a few hours later.


As soon as I drove up to the house I got goosebumps. I knew in my heart and soul this was my house. Our safe place. Our place to land.

The house is protected from the street by holly bushes and old cedar trees. This makes the property feel secluded even though it’s in the city. The tree and hedge protection go all along the perimeter of the house, which is perfect for me. As an extroverted introvert, I love that it’s in the city but feels more like a cabin.


And the inside of the house is so amazing – so much natural light and character. From the gorgeously crafted windows to the original hardwood, it’s a regal piece of history thoughtfully built in 1942 and has been updated to keep up with the times. It has 3 bedrooms, one bathroom with a lovely soaker tub, and a huge back yard and deck.









I loved it, the littles loved it, and my realtor loved it for us. It fit our needs so well and I anxiously put in an offer. After some negotiation, the sellers accepted my offer and I even got to keep some of their lovely furniture in the deal.

Next came the hard part – lifting the conditions. Thankfully I had an amazing mortgage broker, realtor, house inspector (Scott Sutherland), and bank that all came together to make my dream house a reality.

Let’s line this up again:
– Met an awesome realtor (Teresa Tran at Royal Lepage) who helped me look out for rentals before I moved and was showing me properties to know what area I wanted to live in and expectations of what I could get for my budget.
– Happened to meet a mortgage broker while in a cafe with one of my only friends in the Valley at the time.
– Met with Beata (Dominion Lending) and she says to put an offer down if I love something and then the purple house comes up in my email minutes later.
– In a market where houses sell without conditions and where people are buying without even seeing homes, I get an accepted offer.
– In the negotiation process, I get furniture, which is amazing because I gave it all away when I moved.
– Find a house mere blocks away from Tenesea’s school, which means I won’t have to make her leave her friends and school again.
– I get my mortgage approved!
– My inspection goes really well.
– The possession date is the exact same day my rental agreement ends.

This house is so meant to be ours. Come on, it’s PURPLE!

I feel like I’ve moved through the cocoon phase of my transformation and my wings have come in. It’s time to fly and be reborn in this magical place.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of us getting our dream home and who talked me off a cliff when I felt like the process was too overwhelming or I started questioning myself. And a huge thank you to my amazing little girls who picked the perfect name for our home – Matilda.

I am still a little in shock. I did this. I actually did this.

Bravely Transforming Forward



7 thoughts on “I Bought a House in Courtenay

  1. hi there! former owner (sold it in 2012 to the people you bought from) here. a few things you may not know; the strapping of the deck were salvaged from a local wharf that was dismantled near the old house- if you look underneath you may see tar from that. the guy we bought it from was a carpenter and he built the bathtub surround to hold up the awesome tub? and redid the floors. it was salvaged from a field up Ryan rd and has no feet. We replaced the furnace in 2009, and the hot water tank, and redid the roof in 2010. the floor is first growth fir- and at least 2 inches thick. you could re-finish it 20 times! and finally the raspberries in the backyard I purchased and planted from a local farm- they produce huge berries from mid August until early November.


    1. Okay, this is so cool. Thank you for all of this information and for reaching out. It’s making me love the house even more (if that’s even possible). The internet is an amazing place.


  2. My sister is the current owner of the house… and we all loved Wine Gables! So happy to hear that you and your family are going to enjoy it and LOVE it as much as my sister & her girls did! Happy life to you in your new home… Cheers! Melissa :)


  3. Nana Rainbow here…. our daughter Dawn just sold you “Wine Gables”….wanted to wish you and your daughters much love and happy times in your new house….love the name “Matila”…. this house has seen much laughter, some tears but most of all love….may it bring you joy and good luck and surround you with those walls that could tell many tales…..


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