Adventuring In Comox Valley – Week 2

It’s our second week in the Comox Valley and we’ve been doing lots of adventuring! Check out our reviews of Elk Falls, Cumberland Grind, Bibliotaco, and Dick’s.

I miss my own space and my stuff. I miss my old bed and the smell of my living room. I miss my electric fireplace and my art. I miss my coffee maker and bean grinder. I miss a lot of things right now but I’m also finding a new normal.

Anyone who knows me is fully aware that I’ve had terrible bouts of insomnia for most of my life. I’d get 3-4 hours of largely interrupted sleep a night for weeks on end and then I would get really run down and sleep for an entire day or two and then start the cycle again. I never felt rested. I could never shut my brain off enough to sleep. This has been happening for years and years.

On the Island, I sleep. I sleep soundly, fully, and uninterrupted. I feel rested every night and it’s weird as hell to get used to but it’s amazing! It’s made me realize how much my poor body went through and how hard it fights for me on a daily basis.

Another issue that I was having was not eating. I could go 24 hours without even thinking or noticing.I would forget or focus on something else and then I wouldn’t eat until 2pm or I would just eat one meal a day. My weight fluctuates because I don’t eat enough. My body goes into starvation mode and holds onto everything I feed it, expecting to be starved again. It’s not kindness to the beautiful body that brought 2 amazing little girls into the world, who runs, lifts, and squats, and dances around the kitchen.

The past 2 weeks, I’ve eaten 3 meals a day. Most of my meals are prepared using fresh bread, veggies, fruits, and meat. I’m enjoying cooking a lot and feel really accomplished by the end of the day. We even eat all of our meals at the table together and talk. No electronics and no distractions. Tenesea and I get extra bonding time when we’re doing the dishes after supper as well. This is a big shift and I’m loving it. The girls are too.

In Edmonton, I was a creature of habit. I went to the same coffee shops and ordered the same thing. I went to the same shops and knew all of the store layouts. Lots of the staff knew me by name. I liked what I liked.

Now, I have Google Maps, a full tank of gas, and the desire to see and do everything. Not a bad way to go about learning your new surroundings.

In the past week we’ve checked out:

Goose Spit Park in Comox 

One of my friends in Courtenay, who I actually haven’t seen in almost 20 years (since our drunken Rebar days), told me about this awesome park just a short drive from Courtenay called Goose Spit while we caught up and she made us a lovely dinner.

With a name like Goose Spit, it was hard to get the girls to leave the car and go exploring as they literally thought animals were going to be spitting on them.

It was a cold, windy day but we still had fun putting our feet into the ocean and picking sea shells. Looks like it’ll be the perfect place for a beach fire in a month or so.


Dick’s Fish & Chips and Elk Falls in Campbell River 

On the weekend the girls and I went to Campbell River with no destination in mind, only the idea what we were on an adventure. We ended up having a wonderful day together. We found gluten free fish & chips at Dick’s and a waterfall and suspension bridge.

I don’t think I’ve had fish & chips in years, especially with being Celiac. I had an order of GF salmon with fries and it was so damn yummy. I ended up having to take some home, which I didn’t mind, of course. The kids loved their popcorn shrimp and fries too. Great find. Thanks, Google.


 First, I missed the turn-off for Elk Falls and we ended up at McIvor Lake. It was a gorgeous place with lots of really cool rocks for my little rock hounds to find. It was raining but that didn’t slow us down at all. MUST ADVENTURE!


After I found the right turn, we went to the falls and suspension bridge. It is the perfect place to bring young kids and a dog as the trails are really good and the hike is only a couple of kilometers. My littles are still city girls at heart so unless they’re window shopping and drinking hot chocoate, long walks can feel like a chore for them (and me, once they start whining). It was so cool to watch Azalee walk through her fears of heights as she stopped cold on the bridge and decided she wasn’t going to cross it to wanting to get to the other side. Once she got to the platform on the other side of the bridge she turned around and did a happy dance that made everyone laugh. She is such a little ham.


It was a great day with lots of hiking, running, jumping, water, nature, and playing. Exactly what we all needed.

The Grind in Cumberland

In our town, I found an awesome little coffee hut called The Grind that serves 24 ounce (yes, you read that right, it’s 4 more ounces than the biggest coffee at Starbucks) which I really enjoy going to as they have a Tumeric Latte that’s AMAZING. Seriously…espresso, tumeric, spices, cinnamon, and coconut milk. It’s a dream come true. A dream in a HUGE cup.


Bibliotaco in Cumberland

I also found a kick-ass taco place with lots of gluten free options. We went in with no expectations and left feeling like a part of the community.


Greg, one of the owners of Bibliotaco was so kind to curious little Azalee and gave her a little bowl of her very own pineapple salsa (which she loved so much she ate it with a spoon). The tacos were amazing, the music was fantastic, and the staff was super inviting and friendly. Tacos within walking distance. I think I won the lottery.


I’m finding places that I love while exploring the rest. It’s actually been a lot of fun. Adventuring is part of my soul now.

Yes, I miss my things and my space (and Myspace, sometimes). Yes, I miss my friends and the people I love. Yes, I miss the familiarity and consistency of my former life. Just because I’m missing it doesn’t stop me from growing and evolving. It doesn’t stop me from sleeping, eating, and adventuring. Things I can buy and people can visit.

I can see the magic of my new life forming as I let go of my old one. It’s a bittersweet yet very exciting time in my life. Especially with a 24-ounce latte in my hand.

Bravely Caffeinated Forward

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