You Get What You Ask For

I manifested the perfect house for myself and my two young daughters. I just missed a couple of pieces – A microwave, TV, and dishwasher. How can I live without these?

When I decided to move, I started manifesting our rental house. This is what I wanted:
– In the Comox Valley
– Close to a cafe
– Close to a grocery store
– Close to school/daycare for the girls
– High speed internet
– Soaker tub
– Wood burning stove or fireplace
– Reasonable rent
– Furnished

Really, I wanted to find a place where I could simply “be” while I figured out my next move – long-term rental or buying a place. I wanted to slow my life down.

And of course I got what I wanted. Exactly what I had asked for even. We’re in a house in Cumberland, its close to a cafe, schools, daycare, and a grocery store. It has a wood burning stove, soaker tub, and high speed internet.

Most of all, it’s definitely slowed my life down. At first, I kicked myself for not manifesting a dishwasher, microwave, and TV. But after a week I’m barely missing them. The kids haven’t even complained about not having a TV, which I thought was going to be a deal breaker.

I bet I’ll change my tune in a month or two but I’m actually enjoying washing the dishes, waiting for the kettle to start singing, and spending more time talking to my kids and reading than I have in years. Slowing down has been good for all of our souls.

A couple of Islanders have pointed out that I’m still running on Edmonton time. That I need to chill out and adopt Island time and a more relaxed attitude.

At the grocery store today, I forgot avocados and needed to run back to the produce section while the cashier was ringing in my food. I ran fast and came back frantic and anxious because I was holding up the line. When I came back, the girls were talking up a storm with the lady behind us in line and the staff had come over with butterfly stickers. I rushed and got anxious for nothing.

Three of my purchases today were lavender smelling dish soaps because if I’m going to be actively meditating while doing dishes three times a day, I’m going to have damn good smelling hands. I also had a big cart of real food that needed to be put together and cooked. As a newly microwaveless person, feels like a great time to reconnect with food and cooking lovely meals for my babes and friends.

Maybe I manifested exactly what I needed right now. To connect back to what is important and take the time to really enjoy our routine and change of pace.

Don’t worry, I don’t intend on going to the bar and bragging about how I’m so cool I didn’t need a TV, microwave, or dishwasher. That I’m trying to only eat organic and have meat one meal a day. That I compost now. I’ll save this stuff for you fabulous people, my readers.

I’m sleeping and all rested now! Woo Hoo.

Bravely Hand Washing Forward



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