Exciting News – We Found a House

We found the perfect house to rent in Cumberland, BC. It’s amazing and owned by the most talented, wonderful woman. We’re all so excited!

You know when things come together and they’re even better than you imagined? That’s happening now.

The girls and I will be moving to Cumberland, BC in March. Not only are we staying in a wonderful village, we’re also staying in the furnished home of one of the most courageous, Spirit-filled, creative and talented women I’ve ever met – Joanna Finch.

Her words will make you want to start a revolution and her voice will make you want to cuddle up to someone you desire. She’s simply amazing.

Her home is perfect. It has a lot of character and love and it’s 2 blocks away from an awesome coffee shop called the Wandering Moose with gluten free food and 1 block away from Seeds, a health food market, like a smaller version of Blush Lane in Edmonton. And a block away from the back door are trails to take on adventures. A walkable community. How cool!


We found each other through my blog. My wonderful friend Rebecca’s nephew’s mom (follow me here), Traci, found out that Joanna is going on tour to China until July and thought of me and the girls. At first, Joanna didn’t think the arrangement would work out but as soon as I got her on the phone, we both knew that we manifested our paths to cross.

Joanna needed someone to look after, respect and love her place when she’s away and I needed a furnished place that had room for the girls and I. Plus this  house has amazing energy where we can thrive while I look for a home to purchase. Absolute win/win.

Over the past few days I’ve had a chance to spend time in Cumberland and Courtenay and I know more than ever this is home for us. Even under so much snow.


People have been so kind, caring, and open to me. Perfect strangers have invited us for supper. I’ve gotten offers of help for childcare, adventure planning, spiritual practice trades, and I’ve made lasting friendships. Each and every person is excited to see how much we bloom here.

I’m already counting down the days until I can drive up to our new home and watch the girls be as welcomed into the community as I have. It’s going to be amazing. I’ve even found circus classes for Tenesea in the spring, yoga classes for myself, and an outside classroom kindergarten for Azalee next year.

It’s all coming together and the best part is that this will be home in just a little over a month. Now the hard work of selling and/or getting rid of my stuff starts when I hop off my plane in Edmonton. Gotta keep this momentum going.

Bravely Dancing Forward (to Joanna’s music)



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