The Kindness of Strangers and Community

It’s all coming together piece by piece and I’m in constant awe of the kindness of the Comox community. I can’t wait until we’re there and I can give back to the people cheering us on.

Last week I wrote a blog post about why someone should rent to us in the Comox Valley. Through the power of social media, networks, and super amazing humans, this post has been read 1453 times, shared 83 times on Facebook, and retweeted numerous times.

I can’t even begin to thank everyone for helping my little family out. It’s appreciated more than I could ever put into words.  Because of this traction, I have a couple of places to go see while I’m on the Island next week and one, in particular, feels like it was completely meant to be. I am starting to breathe again.

Outside of helping me find amazing places to live, I am completely blown away by the amount of kindness, compassion, and inspiration from people who have reached out. Complete strangers taking time out of their day to welcome my family to the Island. Here are some of the words of kindness I’ve received:

“If march roles around and you havent found anything…and I seriously hope you’re not in that situation..I have an extra 2 bedrooms (in a 3 bedroom + den) that could be a safe place until you find a family place.”

“If you land in Comox send me an email.. there’s a beautiful short trail where my husband, 5 kids and I feel the birds out of our hands. Lots of hidden gems.”

“I found your story amazing. While I don’t know the entire thing, you are incredibly brave! I hope one day I can be as brave as you, I’m definitely not quite there yet. I wish you and your girls all the best as you head out on your journey!”

And some great advice that reminded me that this is the right path:

“In thinner times I’ve had a saying, “I’d sooner enjoy the mass assortment of thrift and second hand stores and got to the beach, than have a high pay job and nothing to see.”

And these wonderful messages:

“You and your daughters are going to enrich us all with your move here. Aligning with the energies that can support our fullest expression and empower us to live our birthright and share our gifts.”

“Even though we have just met once I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you, your strength, your tenacity, and being a single mom, all what you have accomplished. You deserve peace and nothing but good fortune. Your girls are beautiful, funny, and smart and have a very special place in my heart.”

Even the Director of Elementary Education has gone out of his way to help me find a school for Tenesea and *finger crossed* a kindergarten class for Azalee next year that has nature-based classes.

It’s all coming together piece by piece and I’m in constant awe of the kindness from the Comox community. I can’t wait until we’re there and I can give back to the people cheering us on.

Bravely Walking Forward (a little faster today)



2 thoughts on “The Kindness of Strangers and Community

  1. Jen, as I read your blogs here I find my heart is beating like a butterfly in my chest, proud and excited to be taking flight, proud to hav met a strong and independent and inspired woman and happy knowing you will soon be in my village that has given me such a solid foundation. Cumberland is quite amazing. You will fit right in here. I will plan some time before I skip town to show you what I know, introduce you to a few choice people. And we must eat together at least once. Breaking bread is tradition in my home.


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