Why Are You Moving To Vancouver Island?

A lot of people are excited for our journey and I’m getting a lot of questions, so I made a FAQ about our move from Edmonton to the magical place called Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Doing something huge, something pushed by your heart and soul and jumping into the unknown is scary and exciting. But it sure isn’t for everyone.

There’s no better way of knowing someone’s risk tolerance than declaring you’re doing something bold like moving yourself, your two young daughters, and your pets, to another province because your heart tells you to.

There are a lot of people excited for our journey and that we’re chasing our dreams and they have a lot of questions. So I’ve written out the most frequent questions and my thought process and answers.

Why Vancouver Island?

I’ve been to Victoria twice before I took a week long trip at the end of November.

As soon as I stepped foot on the deck of the ferry, I knew it was taking me “home”. I have always had dreams of sitting in my back yard, coffee in hand, looking out towards the mountains with crisp, salt water air filling my lungs. Just being there. Feeling grounded and so grateful.

Visiting Cathedral Grove took my breath away. I stood, meditated, and cried as I looked at the water, trees, rocks, and beauty around me. I felt Spirit move me from within and I was instantly connected in every way. I could see brighter, I could hear better, I could smell the bark on the trees beside me. I could feel the pulse of the forest around me. I was one, I was whole.

Everywhere we went, I was shown signs of magic and belonging. For the entire 7 days, I slept and had very little anxiety, even when we missed our flight back to Edmonton due to closed ferries. I smiled, I laughed, and I cried happy tears at the beauty. People were so kind and open and it was easy to start conversations and make new friends.

Everywhere we turned we were guided to the right place at the right time. From finding beautiful gluten-free food at every stop to meeting spiritual people like ourselves. To meditating and smudging ourselves next to gorgeous ocean waves and bubbling streams.

The energy is different on the Island. People are laid back, calm, and go with the flow more. They do more with less and have this sense of community that is hard to explain. It felt like there’s a collective high vibration that keeps everyone in check. They smile, wave, and truly want each other to succeed. It’s so inviting. I felt like I was in a cocoon of happiness that warmed me from my toes to the top of my head and beyond. Blanketed by this calm, beautiful aura.

I saw how much my daughters would love to be beside me at each turn. Tenesea doesn’t believe whales really exist, so I’d love to be the one to show her they do. Azalee wants the freedom to spend summer days safely in the water and I can’t wait to pack a picnic and help create a childhood full of memories that don’t come from an iPad for her and her sister.

For the first time in my life, I felt home. I was home. I’m going home. We’re going home.

Isn’t the Island Expensive?

Yes, but so is Edmonton. Rent is on par as are the housing prices. We can live with less stuff, grow some of our own food, support local markets to eat better instead of more. I’ve supported myself and the girls just fine solo for the past 3.5 years and that track record isn’t going to end.

There Are No Jobs on the Island

That’s not an issue for me as I have two successful online businesses. All I need is an internet connection and I’ll have that.

Why Are You Doing This Now?

If I waited for the perfect time to do anything, I’d accomplish nothing. There is no perfect time but now works great for us. Tenesea and Azalee are young and so resilient. We’ve been discussing this move for over 5 months together and they’re fully prepared for what is coming and I’ll be beside them, loving them, and helping them with any need they have. This is our destiny.

You’ll Be All Alone

Right now, my daughter’s are with their dad every second weekend. Yes, I won’t have these breaks to do my own thing but I honestly don’t need them as much as I did when the girls were smaller. I miss them when they’re not with me. Instead of looking at this like I’m losing time by myself, I’m looking at it like a new bonding experience for all of us.

My ex-husband and I have made fair agreements for the girls to come back to Edmonton and see him for Easter, Christmas, Spring Break, and half of the summer. I’ll also have an open door for him or anyone else who wants to come and see the cuties while enjoying Island bliss.

I’ll make friends, meet new people, find new babysitters and I know my people are only a Facebook message, a text, Facetime/Skype, or a call away. You’re not losing me that easily.

This seems out of character for you.

If you know me, really know me, you’ll know that this isn’t out of character for me at all.

For many years my sparkle was dulled and I followed status quo as that’s what was expected of me. Since I walked away from that pain, I’ve been on spontaneous “say yes!” vacations and adventures and I’ve made big strides in my life to open my spiritual gifts back up and take risks that I couldn’t before.

All of the hardships and pain in my past, as well as the tough inner work I’ve done to find my sparkle again and shine even brighter than I have before, all of this has brought me to this point, to this new adventure. It’s more in character with my true self than I can articulate with words.

I know this move is going to bring Tenesea, Azalee, and I into a whole new version of ourselves. We can’t wait!

Bravely Walking Forward



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