Reasons Why You Should Rent to Us in the Comox Valley

We’re looking for an awesome place to live in the Comox Valley – Comox, Courtenay, or Campbell River.

I asked for a sign from the Universe that the littles and I were on the right path, I came fast and furious. In a time where houses stay on the market for months or don’t sell (which happened to me a year ago), our house sold in 13 days with only one first and second viewing. My realtor kicked ass, obviously and having a plan in place sure helped.

Now, the littles and I are seeking an awesome place to live and thrive on Vancouver Island and we couldn’t be more excited.

What we’re looking for:

  • A 3 bedroom house or duplex in Courtenay, Comox, or Campbell River for March 1st or 15th, 2017. What can we say? We like places that start with the letter C.
  • A bright, inviting place. A fireplace and soaker tub would be on our wishlist. We can dream, right?
  • Rent $1500-$1600/month. If the place is damn amazing and includes utilities or has kick-ass perks, this can go up to $1800/month.
  •  High-speed internet. As I am an online marketing expert and work from home, this is super important. I need to be able to assist my clients.
  • A place to bring Athena and Hello, our rescue dog and cat. They’re part of our family and will be coming with us. I am totally willing to pay extra money monthly or a pet deposit if needed. Both Athena and Hello are older (7 and 9), are well past the puppy and kitty phase and are sweet, loving, low maintenance, and fixed. Also, Hello is a great mouser, so she’s good to have around, and Athena’s whole bum shakes when she meets new people. They’re kind of the best.

Athena the rescue dog

  • Friendly, kind and caring landlord(s).

What we bring to the table:

  • As I’ve owned a house for the past 12 years, I know how to look after a home and will treat yours like it was my own. We’re clean, tidy, and take pride in having a beautiful place to call our own.
  • I’m a single mom who is also a successful business owner. I’ve made great decisions over the past couple of years and will be coming to the Island with a healthy savings account, great long-term clients, and no debt. How amazing!
  • I have great references from people who have known me for years, immaculate credit, and have a valid police check available.
  • The littles are 8 and 4 and are very responsible. They keep their rooms clean and do household chores. We spend a lot of our down time exploring while we’re out and about. The house will be more of a home base for us as we’ll have so much to see and do.
  • We’re downsizing in an effort to simplify our lives. We’re eager to exchange iPads and laptops for waterfall adventures and will be giving away and letting go of any clutter. We can live comfortably in a smaller space and will respect your home and property.
  • I’ve been looking after the lawn mowing and snow shoveling myself for years. I know the effort it takes to keep a house going and I’m not scared of a little elbow grease.
  • We have a zest for life. I’m almost always smiling, Tenesea (8) is very caring and sensitive, and Azalee (4) is one of the best huggers you’ll ever meet.

Jennifer Rollins Tenesea and Azalee Banks

  • The girls can’t drink yet, so you won’t be renting to partiers. I do enjoy a glass of red wine from time to time, but that’s about how crazy we get.  Unless you count our kitchen dance parties, of course.

Do you have a property in the Comox Valley that would fit our needs? Please call/text 7808198069 or email so we can discuss this awesome partnership.

Don’t have a property but want to help us find one? Fantastic. Kindly share this post as the more people see it, the higher the likelihood we’ll find the perfect place to live.

Thank you for reading!

Bravely Walking Forward,

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7 thoughts on “Reasons Why You Should Rent to Us in the Comox Valley

  1. I hope you find the perfect home for you and your precious wee ones. I wish I could be of more help, but welcome to our humble Island. If you land in Comox send me an email.. there’s a beautiful short trail where my husband, 5 kids and I feel the birds out of our hands. Lots of hidden gems.


    1. Crossing my fingers that you and your lovely littles find the perfect place. I myself, am in a very similar situation. I had a really incredible experience with Andriana at Advanced Property Management in Courtenay, also Scott at Realty Executives was so helpful and kind. Call them or better yet, go in and see them!
      You’re goin to love the Valley!
      Best of luck, friend!


  2. Nice sales job for what looks like some rad ladies. I will keep an ear open for you. Sadly I don’t have a lead for you. Have you gone and seen a few realtors in the area? They know what time it is. Here is one: Alice East, completely fantastic person, who simply started as our realtor 3 years ago, and now I am proud to say she is my friend.
    I’ll bet she knows where to look! Good luck!


  3. This an adorable post!
    I am a born and raised resident of the Comox Valley and now I am a Realtor with Royal Lepage.
    We have a great Property Management department
    Email me for more information!

    Welcome to the valley! You and your family will absolutely love it! Mountains, rivers, hiking trails, parks and Rec centres!


  4. Some kind landlord out there will be most fortunate to have you and your family as renters. 😊
    A number of amazing walking trails for your pooch ….. Welcome to the Valley !!
    Try. Penny Lane Property Management Ltd. Courtenay


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